The challenge

The food wholesaler Gunz operates an online ordering platform from IconParc for its business customers in food retailing, which was launched in September 2015.

After the introduction of the B2B E-Commerce platform, which since then has exceeded expectations, the idea was born to provide the Gunz sales force with a tool that supports the entire daily routine. This should include daily visit planning and preparation for individual customers as well as on-site sales and follow-up of customer visits. The positive effect for the company image was also desired: Because orders are placed via the B2B Sales APP at the customer's site or together with the customer, the respective customer would immediately get an impression of the effectiveness and innovative spirit of the supplier GUNZ.

The result

the digital transformation

In the run-up to the event, we examined very closely how the sales force works in the field. The B2B Sales APP offers each user the following six main elements to illustrate all activities in the course of the day. The innovative operating concept, which is based on best practices for mobile devices, as well as the outstanding performance in all features should also be emphasized.

  • My statistics and sales of the last three years

  • Scheduling and daily routine including optimized route planning, integrated navigation system and vacation planning

  • Preparation for the customer on the basis of all relevant data, with graphical charts and projections visually appealingly prepared 

  • Catalogue and product presentation taking into account availability as well as customer-specific assortments and prices

  • Shopping cart filling including order acceptance or offer creation

  • Integrated CRM in which everything is neatly documented after the customer visit - enriched with photos if desired. Tasks to be completed are automatically transferred to the internal sales team.

The B2B Sales APP is not dependent on the internet for customer appointments on site.

Work autonomously (offline) and synchronize your orders and offers for any number of customers (visits) at your leisure as soon as you are back online.

The effect

At GUNZ, the entire sales force is equipped with tablets and the B2B Sales APP from IconParc. The acceptance among the sales staff is enormous, and customers are enthusiastic about the presentation and handling using the new technology.

Sales have developed even better than initially forecast.

GUNZ consistently focuses on digitization in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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