The goal of terraforming is to transform a planet into a habitable earth-like environment. Through the transformation by means of future technologies, human life is to be made possible there. Perhaps you know the principle from the film Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger?


We were inspired by it to comprehensively revise our basic technology year after year and to keep it young. By using refactoring techniques, we achieve exactly this result - not only on development systems, but also for all our customer solutions.


We differentiate between ...

We optimize and clean our program code day after day. The goal is to always get a bit better in order to reduce the effort for troubleshooting and functional enhancements. We improve readability and comprehensibility for all employees involved in coding. The quality management team assigns tasks to our developers, who all contribute to the optimization of the code quality.

In addition to the manual improvements, there are always demanding structural code optimizations that have to be implemented across the board. Several thousand (!) code locations can be affected without problems, so that such interventions can no longer be handled manually. Automated refactoring extends to all systems, whether development, test or live environment. What is important here is the ability to let such changes flow in parallel to the running stream of software updates - free of conflicts with what developers are currently coding.

We make this possible by means of automated terraforming processes, which run time-controlled every weekend - or at night - across all code points in all affected systems in order to carry out adjustments.

Solutions from ICONPARC are durable.

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