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Bürkert is represented in 35 countries worldwide. This not only demonstrates our regional proximity to our customers. The global presence at all economic hot spots is integrated into a network that guarantees every customer on every continent the full performance of the company.

Continuous research is in Bürkert's blood. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and solutions for our customers. Year after year, our engineers develop advanced products and solutions for a wide variety of markets - from innovations in control technology to highly sophisticated systems for health research.

Due to our market leadership, it is only logical that Bürkert should also take the leading position in the industry in terms of research and development. Our investments in this area are therefore among the highest in our industry. We see this as a reinvestment in the future of fluid technology, on which more than 150 employees work in our research centres in Germany and France. In the sense of optimal solutions for our customers.
Wherever our competence is in demand, it is served as committedly as it is comprehensively. With the worldwide orientation of the company, we ensure that progress in fluid technology is global.