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Introduction of an international extranet platform to optimise coordination and communication between EURONICS members.

EURONICS International

The Group

Euronics is an international group of national retailers operating across the EMEA and CIS regions bringing innovative electrical products to consumers via an omni-channel approach.

Our Group was founded in 1990 by 5 entrepreneurs who recognized that delivering the right products and services within the consumer electronics market would change dramatically and foresaw the need to create synergies in order to provide outstanding support with the most pioneering products to consumers.

Today Euronics is the largest retail group in the world, operating in the majority of EMEA and CIS key markets via an extensive network of physical and virtual outlets under both the Euronics global brand and a variety of strong national historical brands.  Since its incorporation, Euronics has enjoyed continuous growth year-on-year, even during periods of international economic stagnation.

Mr Marcel Vloemans, one of the founding fathers of the Euronics organisation articulates our dynamic perfectly:  “In any given moment we have two options, to step back into safety, or to step forward into growth”.