The ICONPARC B2X E-Business Suite

Multi-Layer architecture

Since 1998 the guarantor

for successful individual B2B E-Business solutions

As different as the companies for which ICONPARC has been implementing B2B & B2C platforms since 1998, they have one thing in common: our customers are demanding the highest standards in terms of flexibility, robustness, scalability and individuality, as these factors are crucial for sustainable development Success.


From the very beginning, ICONPARC has specialized in providing highly individualized solutions based on a modular software kit. Thanks to sophisticated maintenance and comparison mechanisms, it is possible over the lifecycle of now 26 years to ensure that a solution always remains current, changes and adapts to changing requirements.


At this point, we would like to introduce you to some of the key elements of the ICONPARC E-Business Suite. We are pleased about your interest - and even more about the dialogue with you. The constant exchange with our customers is an essential prerequisite for permanently successful and high-growth E-Business platforms - as well as your experience and industry knowledge in combination with our expertise and the resulting E-Business Suite.


Speaking of E-Business suite, now it starts with a tour ...


The tip of the eisberg

The FRONTEND of the ICONPARC E-Business Suite is the flagship of your brand. When designing the design, we feel like a chameleon in your branding, often with 40 page scenarios and more to implement: the result is as individual as your business.

And of course, the seamless integration of the CMS system, in which any number of documents can be created with contributions - all multilingual.

Your brand deserves a unique appearance

We place great value on FRONTENDs from a single source. Catalog area, shop processes and editorial content are seamlessly integrated under one domain. This approach avoids media breaks and leads to better conversion.


FRONTEND processes - your chance to differentiate yourself from your competitors

The customer projects listed here show how differently not only design approaches but also processes in the FRONTEND can turn out. For us, creativity means working out the uniqueness of your company in online presence and in mobile solutions.



Typical side scenarios and overarching elements in FRONTEND

  • Start page
  • Goods group pages
  • Search via Auto Suggest
  • Hit lists with filters: Tile / Lists, scrollable or with Infinity Scroll
  • Product pages for differently structured product types and parts lists
  • Zoom function for images as a layer
  • Print view with specially designed PDF page variants
  • Cross and up-selling
  • Recently viewed products
  • Emotional Shopping
  • Deals
  • Requests
  • Actions
  • Remaining stock
  • Brand sites
  • Editorial pages as documents (at least 10 template templates)
  • Editorial pages with contributions (at least 20 snippet templates)
  • Cart-layer; Cart details
  • Free orders via direct input or Excel upload
  • Pinboards layer; Wish List Detail Page
  • Product comparison layer; Product comparison as detail view with sorting functions
  • Checkout Process Page: Overview;
  • Checkout process page: Check
  • Checkout process page: Transfer order
  • Print Catalog Order & PDF Downloads
  • Contact form
  • Login; Registration
  • Order History: Search
  • Order history: Order view with Quick & Fill feature
  • Tentative lists
  • My personal data & company data, depending on the authorization (new / change /
  • delete)
  • My addresses (new / change / delete)
  • Forgot Password; Change Password
  • Order / unsubscribe newsletter
  • Returns Index
  • Returns detail of an RMA
  • Rights administrations for shopping cart configurations

Google PageSpeed Insights

Since April 2015, Google has ranked the optimization of FRONTENDs for both desktop devices and smartphones. Since March 2018, Google has introduced the Mobile First Index: Google prefers the mobile version of a page to assess its relevance to the majority of mobile users.


Back in 2011, Google made a tool publicly available to check a website for these aspects.


But often the mistake is made to enter only the start page, so the domain, such.


However, ICONPARC's typical E-Business platforms range from 10,000 to 2,000,000 (!) Pages indexed by Google. This includes a wide variety of contents and visualizations - cf. the list of page scenarios above. In addition, the output of many page content is dynamic, that is, they look different due to personalization of each customer. Therefore, it is important to review at least all structurally different page scenarios individually using Google Tools. That's why we've developed a bot that runs automated tests on the Google API with samples of various pages. We keep an eye on our platforms and optimize them continuously.

Customer Testimonials