B2B Sales APP - the digital sales tool

Goodbye briefcase.

Traveling to a customer meeting with a suitcase full of documents?
You can do that. But you do not have to.

Hello Future!

Stacks of product brochures and price lists, the notebook with order forms, your appointments on your cell phone - basically, the sales process in the field is full of media breaks. On top of that, it is time-consuming: In preparation, you have already searched for and printed out information about your customers in the central CRM system in the morning. And in the evening you write your sales reports Does this scenario sound familiar?

Then this B2B Sales APP can help.

If you prefer reading in PDF or paper format, you can download our brochure here. Or simply continue reading afterwards.

Brochure of the B2B Sales APP

38 pages

at a glance
You like to travel with light luggage?

The tablet knows all

B2B Sales APP supports the entire sales process in the field from A to Z.

Focus on your customers

Easy handling and outstanding performance of the B2B Sales APP ensure a relaxed customer conversation.

Operating system

ICONPARC's B2B Sales APP runs on all Android mobile devices and can be easily downloaded and updated via Google Play.


The backend, which matches the B2B Sales APP, enables the transfer of customer and product data as well as orders and other data to your ERP.

Online & Offline

The B2B Sales APP supports you even when no Internet connection is available: All functionalities are available offline.

Multilingual solution

User interface and content are multilingual: The language preference is determined by the ERP.

Multi-currency capability

The B2B Sales APP supports any number of currencies. Thus, nothing stands in the way of worldwide use.


All communication between APP and backend is encrypted. Access to B2B Sales APP is password protected.


The B2B Sales APP is extremely performant and robust in use.


of the B2B Sales APP


Get an overview

You want to keep the overview?

My sales

How does my performance develop? The B2B Sales APP shows you at any time the status and development of your sales per month or year - including comparisons with the previous two years.

My top clients

The ranking of your best customers helps you to assess where there is still a lot of potential. Here, too, a comparison with previous years makes developments visible.

My tasks

Another helpful CRM feature is the ability to report wishes and tasks to the sales office. Once a task is completed, the B2B Sales APP informs the sales representative.


News - for example in the product portfolio - is provided centrally and visualized in the B2B Sales APP.

Vacation replacement

So that you can relax carefree on vacation, your customers will be looked after by a field service colleague during your absence.



Daily planning

Do you like to work flexibly?


The B2B Sales APP shows and distinguishes centrally predefined, self-agreed, one-time and recurring appointments. Use wiping gestures to browse through your appointments, which are clearly arranged in a daily or monthly view.

Optimal route planning

All customers who visit you on one day are shown on the integrated map. The order and route can be easily rearranged by drag & drop.

Google Maps

Thanks to integrated Google Maps, the navigation system guides you to the nearest customer by the shortest route. The customer calls already completed are shown in green on the map.

Customers on the way

Maybe you spontaneously make an appointment with a customer whose location is close to your route during the day? The APP shows you all customers along the route. Add appointments yourself and supplement the daily planning recommended by the ERP or CRM system.

B2B SALES APP Step 3 Screen


Preparation for the customer

You need delivery information at lightning speed?

Customer selection

The customer currently being served is clearly displayed in the catalog area. In the customer overview, the active customer can be changed at any time: orders already entered, shopping cart and wish list contents of all your customers are retained.


The customer currently being served is clearly displayed in the catalog area. In the customer overview, the active customer can be changed at any time: orders already entered, shopping cart and wish list contents of all your customers are retained.

Company data & contact persons

New contact persons can be created in the customer overview. Existing contacts can be edited easily. All changes are passed on to the ERP or CRM system during synchronization.

Branch customers

Some of the companies you serve have a branch structure with different delivery and billing addresses. B2B Sales APP also supports these structural subtleties.


The birthday can be entered for each contact person: isn't it a nice gesture to congratulate your customers personally?



Present products

You hate lugging catalogs and price lists?


The prominently placed search finds articles, customers and orders.

Hit lists

Hit lists are scrolled vertically with wipe gestures - no scrolling required. Various sorting criteria can be applied. For each item listed in the hit list, the quantities last ordered by the active customer are displayed. A touch of the finger and the article is again in the shopping cart.


In order to get to the desired articles with just a few gestures, hit lists can be conveniently filtered: by product group, novelties, bestsellers, already ordered or not yet delivered articles.

Product information

At a glance you will find information such as product descriptions, texts, tables and the last dated order quantities.

Product pictures

Images of the article can be displayed either small, full screen or zoomable. Article images appear pin sharp on the high-resolution displays of tablets and smartphones.

Cross Selling

Images of the article can be displayed either small, full screen or zoomable. Article images appear pin sharp on the high-resolution displays of tablets and smartphones.


Current promotions and quantity discounts are highlighted in hit lists and article views. The shopping cart takes into account customer and article-specific price conditions.

Parts lists

Products composed of several articles are displayed in detail in the form of a parts list.



Take orders

You want to fulfill customer wishes even faster?

Order history

B2B customers in particular often reorder the same items. In the clearly arranged order history, selected order items can be placed in the current shopping cart again.


Hand scanners can be connected via USB or - wirelessly - via Bluetooth. This allows articles to be conveniently placed in the virtual shopping cart directly on the sales shelf or in the warehouse area.

Shopping cart

Even with large orders with many individual items, the overview remains intact. When changing quantities or after removing individual items (simply by means of a wiping gesture), the shopping cart automatically recalculates the order volume. If the set minimum order value of the respective customer is reached, the contents of the shopping cart can be completed and thus converted into an order.


Additional label markings can be optionally ordered for each order item.


Following a customer visit, quotation requests and orders are transferred to the ERP system as part of the synchronization process. The customer automatically receives a confirmation of the order receipt by e-mail. This contains an overview of all order items with their quantities and prices, enabling the customer to check all details again.


In direct consultation with your customer, you determine the delivery date in the APP. The availability of the items (at the time of the last synchronization) is also available offline within the app.


All order data is validated in the APP and is therefore consistent and error-free. Queries during the logistical processing are largely avoided - as are costly returns.



Maintaining customer relations

Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your customers?

Visit reports

With the help of the B2B Sales APP, the visit documentation can be done on the side: Digital templates that are supplemented by photos with the integrated CRM help with the evaluation. This means that the follow-up appointment with your customer is practically already prepared.


As in an e-mail, Office documents in all common formats can be added as attachments to your visit report.

Wish list

Perhaps your customer has not yet been able to decide on a specific product? To be able to pick up the ball again on the next visit, it is best to keep such items on the customer's wish list. From there they can be easily moved to the shopping cart.


Tap with your finger on the shopping cart - and the selection becomes an offer. The corresponding PDF document is generated via the BACKEND and sent to the customer by e-mail.

Price list

A price list in PDF format can be generated from a customer's individually compiled range of articles at the touch of a finger - either in catalog or table design. Customer-specific prices are automatically taken into account.

Print catalog

With the help of the B2B Sales APP you can generate the customer-specific article assortment as a print catalog in PDF format. Various options are available for selection - for example, whether to use EIAs or individual prices.


Using the CRM feature, you can report wishes and tasks to the internal sales team. Once a task is completed, the B2B Sales APP informs you.


MDM & Google Play

The APP is managed via Mobile Device Management (MDM). Updates for all devices are done centrally. Alternatively, the app can also be distributed via Google Play.

Your data is safe

All data is sent SSL encrypted and is only secured on your own server.

If a tablet or smartphone is lost, the data remains protected by the password. The devices can be locked remotely via an MDM solution.

Success Story

Gunz Warenhandels GmbH

Michael Temel - Managing Director

"Digitisation is a top priority at Gunz: we see it as a means and an opportunity to strengthen our competitive position. As with the relaunch of the webshop, ICONPARC has presented a visionary concept with the new APP and put it perfectly into practice. As the icing on the cake, the entire range of functions of the B2B app is also available without an active internet connection - our sales representatives are thrilled with the digital sales tool!"


Foundation in Mäder, Austria

154 Mio. €

Sales in 2021


Products in portfolio

111 countries

200 employees

Since 2014

Client of ICONPARC

154 Mio. €

Online sales 2021 via APP and WebShop from ICONPARC

Headquarters in Mäder, Austria

For several years, the successful Austrian family-owned company GUNZ has been operating a B2B e-business platform of the Munich software company ICONPARC, which is integrated into the process chain. Customers from all over the world order via an attractive front-end - the back-end connects the solution to the existing IT infrastructure without media breaks. In this way, a considerable part of the business volume is processed online.


From the central B2B platform ...
Thanks to the complete digitalization of order acceptance and processing, the company and its customers benefit equally from the high processing speed and freedom from errors. Queries to the GUNZ back office have been reduced to a minimum because the platform reliably provides all the necessary information and processes - in several languages and currencies.


... to the mobile field service solution
The digitalization of the sales force process now ensures high quality and efficiency of daily sales appointments with customers. The B2B Sales APP, developed especially for GUNZ, is now available to the entire field service. More than 60 sales employees rely on the solution, which has been optimized for Android tablets, in their daily work: it ensures relaxed customer discussions. With wipe and scroll gestures, APP enables elegant product presentations as well as the quick acceptance of orders and the creation of quotations.


Customer visits are evaluated with the help of the APP - virtually in passing. Photos and documents are simply attached. By the way: If there is no network available, the APP can also be used offline without any problems.