Shopping Advisor

Customer Journey

Would you like to guide your customers to specific products with the help of questions?

Because all search filters are available in BACKEND, purchasing consultants can be created dynamically and without programming. Simply create as many questions as you like for each purchasing consultant. This links the module with 0/1 values (Yes/No), multiple selections, single selections and further restricts the list bit by bit. Each answered question further shrinks the hit list and thus helps the customer with his product selection.

Example You want to sell a TV set.

Technical details



  • How far away do you usually sit from your TV set?
    • Type multiple selection
      • 2 - 3,80 Meter
  • Do you want a TV set with a Curved Display?
    • Type yes / no
      • Ja
      • Nein
  • What is your reception situation at home?
    • Type single selection
      • Satellit
      • Kabel
      • Antenne
  • Do you want to connect your TV set to the Internet and home network?
    • Type yes / no
      • Yes
      • No


Dialogue Assistant

  • Shopping consultant: Name, description, sorting, merchandise category assignment, any number of questions with multiple filter response assignments, runtime
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