QR Code Generator

Customer Journey

Especially for products with numerous variants, the search for the product name on the smartphone must be entered exactly. Otherwise the search will lead to incorrect products and leave your customers with an annoying and therefore uncomfortable feeling, even though the customer himself has inadvertently caused this problem.

Offer your customers a fast and comfortable access to a promotional site or product, where your customer gets all product data and especially current price - in B2B his personal prices. Most of the time, customers find it difficult to decide on a product. Scanning several similar products via the QR code helps to compare them afterwards. In addition, alternatives or cross- and up-selling products are offered on product pages.

This is very convenient, fast and efficient. This is why QR also stands for Quick Response Code.

Technical details


  • With the QR Code Generator, the respective QR code is automatically generated and printed during data publishing to a print medium such as flyer, catalog, brochure or product data sheet.
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