Multi Channel

Customer Journey

Do you want to reach your customers across all channels?

Not only that. Items that have been placed in the shopping cart via a desktop device should of course also be found in the shopping cart on the smartphone or tablet. Just like all personal data as well as the order history, delivery notes, invoices - simply everything you can find on your computer in the office.

B2B E-Business Software Modul Multi Channel

That's exactly what we offer!

A central platform with all customer data.

Technical details


Whether mobile, tablet or desktop devices, your customers enjoy a holistic shopping experience, on one and the same platform, because your design is delivered Full Responsive. And at the same time, depending on the end device, is optimized for best performance. For example, CMS images are calculated, optimized and stored in the background in different image sizes - as sizes S, M, L & XL - when uploaded to BACKEND. This distinction is particularly relevant for Google & Co, because if too large graphics are delivered on smartphones, Google punishes you in the ranking or excludes you.

By the way, our BACKENDs are also optimized for tablets.

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