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B2B E-Business Software Modul New Products Notification

A New Products Notification is a procedure agreed between a customer company and the vendor that creates customer-specific proposal lists. Example: A bookseller automatically enters new publications or information about them in the New Products Notification for the respective customer. In order to identify titles that are of interest to the respective customer, a large number of filter options are available for the total stock of all works. The OPAC filter plays a special role in this: customers with access to the title stock only receive suggestions that they do not yet have in their own collection. 

The exact definition of the customer profile is a prerequisite for the exact generation of a New Products Notification . This is created according to your specifications using the New Products Notification Configurator. In this way, customers choose from approx. 2,200 specialist criteria, can differentiate according to media type and language and use a variety of other filters, functions and options for individualisation. The central basic article database includes thereby approx. 43 million articles.

Advantages for the supplier
customer loyalty revenue development
increase in turnover


Advantages for customers
Processing from a single sourcePersonnel and time savings through automated rule-based suggestion listsOptimized literature selection through multi-level selection procedure Shortening of the business process and thus faster access for end customers

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