Mar Com Center

Customer Journey

Due to their file size, which is usually larger than 20 MB, brand and marketing materials are usually difficult to send by e-mail. In addition, the time required for delivery is immense, as each distributor requires different documents, depending on the focus, country or authorization.

B2B E-Business Modul Mark Com Center

By providing the brand and marketing materials with the Marketing & Communication Center in FRONTEND, you feed the marketing departments of your customers. On demand. Without effort. You can conveniently manage the rules of use in the BACKEND. Not only that, a report in BACKEND reveals the needs of your distributors in real time - this way you always have a feeling for the market "out there".

Technical details



  • Configurations for restricting download materials as ZIP files, such as Catalogues as PDFs, Product images (size, formats), brand guides, videos, marketing documents


Dialogue Assistant

  • Configurations for releases at the level of, clients, customer groups, countries


  • Use of downloads
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