Finite State Machine


To model multi-stage processes clearly, it is often useful to use a state machine.

B2B E-Business Software Modul Finite State Machine

The ICONPARC FiniteStateMachine knows all allowed states and possible state transitions and for whom they are allowed.


  • Clear representation of which state a process is in
  • Convenient modeling of which states and transitions are allowed
  • Internal or external events cause a transition of the state
    • Examples: The payment interface has reported "ok". The customer has confirmed his data. The Job Scheduler has determined that the data is now deliverable.
  • Actions are executed when states are reached.
    • Examples: The order data is reported to the ERP system. The customer is notified by e-mail.
  • States and transitions can be allowed or forbidden based on roles
  • Timeouts allow timely escalation

Any number of state diagrams can be created and used.

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