Welcome to the future!


In 2020, Red Zac retailers are launching a new era: with smartZAC, they are bringing the virtual future into their homes and offering their customers even more comprehensive services and thus a shopping experience of a special kind.


It is the missing link between the real shopping experience that we all love so much and the virtual online world in which we now move every day: smartZAC now closes this gap and thus rounds off the professional know-how and customer-oriented personality of your Red Zac retailer with digital services of the extra class. Of course, you could also call smartZAC a "virtual shelf", but that would be a bit of a misnomer. After all, what other shelf is capable of playing extensive multimedia content, comparing products at the touch of a finger, displaying individual offers and promotions, and providing access to more than 40,000 articles?

SMARTZAC IS YOUR DIGITAL TOUCHPOINT directly at your favorite electronics retailer, your virtual gateway to the colorful and diverse Red Zac world. Just imagine, your Red Zac retailer not only finds the individually suitable product for you based on his in-depth advice, but can also show you a video at the same time of how to use this product perfectly in your everyday life - and in pin-sharp 4K resolution. Thanks to smartZAC, this is no longer a pipe dream. Or maybe you can't decide between two products. That's no longer a problem with smartZAC - you can compare up to 20 products at the touch of a finger. A little tip: You don't even have to dig through all the technical data. Another tap of your finger is all it takes to see only the specific technical model differences - and that's what counts, after all.


THAT THE STELES LOOK LIKE GIANT SMARTPHONES is quite intentional, by the way. Not only do they look damn good, but we are also used to tapping and swiping at every opportunity. These touch gestures are also used to control smartZAC - which makes it particularly easy for all of us. This means you don't necessarily have to rely on the support of your Red Zac dealer to quickly dive into the virtual Red Zac world.

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