Multishop & Multichannel & Omnichannel

Austrian Retail Innovation Award 2020

Best Omnichannel Innovation

450 Mio. €

Turnover in 2019

200 Dealers

160 Dealer Online Shops

each use their own B2C webshop integrated in the B2C & B2B platform

Since 2004

Customer of ICONPARC


EURONICS Austria is the most important Austrian specialized trade cooperation in consumer electronics. Dealers of all sizes - from specialised specialist shops to large specialist markets - have joined forces under the trademark RED ZAC.

RED ZAC Whitepaper

Multi Store Solution
Multi- and Omnichannel Strategy
on all terminal devices
Project goals
  • Supply of end customers to the retail trade (online and stationary)

  • Bundling and centralising resources in order to become more effective in competition

  • Offer the stationary trade a real added value by RED ZAC providing each retailer with a turnkey web shop. The head office takes care of the technical basis and takes over the maintenance of the content.


  • The desire for a uniform appearance within the RED ZAC brand across all dealerships

  • Introduction of a sustainable solution, in which system maintenance and updates are carried out gently in the background, so that everyday business continues "normally

Interactive Digital Signage
Interactive Digital Signage

Download as PDF Brochure on 42 pages


Advantages for end customers

  • Confidence due to the dealer-spreading uniform appearance within the brand RED ZAC

  • Optimal combination of the advantages of online and offline world

  • Customers benefit from the large product range - thanks to nationwide coverage by participating dealers

  • Clear product presentation, numerous filters and extremely fast performance enable goods to be found quickly - despite a product portfolio of several thousand articles.

  • Support through dealer (circumcircle) search and route planning

  • Cross-dealer purchasing within one order

  • Support for additional services provided by stationary dealers (service packages, e.g. setting up and connecting a washing machine)

Advantages for the RED ZAC dealers

  • RED ZAC provides dealers with a turnkey web shop whose content is maintained centrally for them. Additional flexibility is offered by the possibility to enter own products - independent of the brand headquarters.

  • In particular, dealers have more time for customer advice and service. In addition, they open up the online channel as an additional source of revenue.

  • Catalogue management, ordering and content management are closely interlinked and therefore very efficient. With RED ZAC, nothing is maintained twice and as much as possible is automated. In this way, each of the approximately 160 participating retailers receives its own B2C webshop with individualized content.
Functional highlights
  • Reliability, best performance and scalability through cluster technology: growing visitor numbers are handled effortlessly!

  • RED ZAC brand presence as a marketplace for all retailers

  • Various entry options (via the brand presence or one of 160 dealer appearances)

  • Customers can shop at different merchants at the same time and pay centrally online. All within a single ordering process.

  • Product search with filtering of results by brand, category, technical features, price and much more.

  • Seamless integration of service packages and warranty extensions

  • Special brand shops, especially for LOEWE and MIELE

  • Sophisticated dealer search

  • Shopping consultant

  • Product comparison: Comparison of all relevant characteristics of any article

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