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B2B E-Business Software Modul Media Center

The Media Center is the ideal place to centrally store images, pdf documents, videos or other files. In the CMS, you refer directly to a Media Center file. This has the advantage that when a file such as an image is exchanged centrally, it is automatically exchanged and delivered in all relevant locations in a uniform and real-time manner. If you want to delete a file, the Media Center will show you where it is in use in the CMS, with all relevant links to change it. Only when items are no longer linked to a Media Center file will the Media Center system allow deletion. Whether you're working alone or as a team, you can customize your organization's Media Center using folder structures and role access rights.

Technical details


Images will be loaded only once and then be taken from the browser cache, disregarding on how many pages the image is used. This improves the performance. A new version of a centrally stored image will be visible on all pages right away.


Images and documents stored in the MediaCenter are automatically provided with downscaled thumbnails. This makes scrolling and searching for images in the BACKEND many times faster.

Dialogue Assistants

  • Upload or import MediaCenter files, replace existing files with new versions
  • Folder hierarchy with role access rights


  • The MediaCenter Browser shows the files clearly arranged as thumbnails or in list form
  • Fast searching through filters and different sorting


  • Select or search for files via the MediaCenter Browser in an efficient layer
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