Infinity Scroller

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Offer your customers a shopping experience - without having to scroll through hit lists.

B2B E-Business Software Modul Infinity Scroller

The Infinity Scroller does not load the products on the hit pages until they enter the visible area by scrolling. And this happens so quickly that the impression is created that the list is endless. On the right side of the page, the number of all hits and how many more will follow is displayed as information. The hits can be narrowed down on the left side using the filter function.

For Google & Co the system continues to display the pages for scrolling. This means that hit lists for search engines can be stored completely in the cache and customers who come via Google, for example, can jump directly to the correct position in the hit list.

This saves your customers time when browsing and searching, because not every page is requested and loaded completely new. It also relieves the computing power of your servers, because only deltas are requested and fetched.

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