Emotional Shopping

Customer Journey

In print catalogues, the visual language, i.e. the sale of products in an emotional context, is state of the art. In the early days of the Internet, this was not so easy. On the one hand, because the technology was not available, on the other hand, the bandwidths of the end devices represented a bottleneck. In the meantime, nothing more stands in the way of a pronounced visual language other than tradition.

Even pure online furniture stores implement context-based presentation: They present a consistent furnishing style and link it directly to the products on offer.

B2B E-Business Modul Emotional Shopping



Technical details


Display of Emotional Shopping photos including icons. A mouse-over movement over the icons dynamically triggers a product presentation from the catalogue, with customer-specific conditions. The click leads to the detailed product page. Seamless integration with the catalogue data and the shop ensures all consistencies. For example, the system does not play out a preview image in the FRONTEND mouse over movement for non-available articles.


Dialogue Assistants

  • Management of photos: Placement of any number of icons via drag & drop including assignment of products
  • CMS integration and thus placeable in the whole FRONTEND
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