• uniform, purely browser-based interface with clear structure and attractive design

  • maximum compatibility and security through SSL support and no ActiveX or client-side Java required

  • Easy handling due to easy to understand, consistently implemented operating system

  • sophisticated, modular design

  • clean encapsulation of reusable functionalities on library level, thus very well maintainable ...

  • Program code with excellent stability

  • All application and extension modules from the ICONPARC E-Business Suite are seamlessly integrated, as are individually modified or added features and interfaces.

  • multi-level authorization concept with finely granular access rights (top level = primary roles such as administrator, catalog manager, editor)

  • Support of multiple application scenarios and web presences

  • Multi-language capability for cross-country e-Business applications

  • Integrated development environment, including a repository for the underlying modelling level

  • Automated Job Schedulers with convenient settings of start times, time intervals and log files

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