Are you a wholesaler or are you selling your products to business customers?


Then you are very likely to have special B2B needs. Web shops for the B2C sector (private end users as customers) do not cover these requirements. The IconParc B2B E-Commerce platform, on the other hand, specializes in B2B scenarios and takes into account their specifics. Here are a few examples from the B2B E-Commerce sector:


  • Business customers often have more order items in the shopping cart than private end customers. Orders consisting of several 100 items are not uncommon. This data load can only be handled by dedicated systems. So that the customer does not lose track, the clear presentation of the shopping cart contents is very important.

  • In order to bind your customers even better, it is an advantage to obtain the individually negotiated prices and conditions in real time from the merchandise management system (ERP) and to display them continuously in E-Commerce.

  • Would you like to offer your customers complete delivery, partial deliveries, cancellations and the combination of orders from different channels (online, offline)? This is also possible with the IconParc B2B E-Commerce platform.

  • Provide your customers with transparency regarding product availability, order status and returns.

  • It may be necessary to connect the E-Commerce solution to external systems on the customer or dealer side (e.g., via BMEcat, OCI, or EDI). Here, too, we support you on request.

  • With our E-Commerce platform, you can make invoices and receipts available in electronic form centrally and online, independent of the procurement channel (webshop, telephone, direct sales, fax, email, etc.).

Gladly we look at your processes in detail. In the process, we will show you what a customized B2B E-Commerce platform can do for your company..

Due to the book price binding law, a differentiation strategy, which is based purely on the price of the product, is ruled out for titles published in Germany. Against this background, E-Commerce becomes particularly exciting as it opens doors for you to stand out from your competitors with additional services. Many specialist publishers (especially in the legal field) have already recognized the benefits of digitization. We are also happy to advise you and work with you to develop an E-Commerce strategy as well as a customized B2B E-Commerce and E-procurement platform.

E-Commerce in the Zeitgeist of Industry 4.0

Do you sell equipment, tools or components for machines to industrial companies? Then your customers are in the middle of the exciting era of "Industry 4.0", the fourth major industrial revolution. In the long term, the international market will be made up of competitive and innovative companies. Specifically, this means that your customers increasingly network their systems and machines and have them communicate with each other as part of production. Isolated software systems, manual input by employees and media breaks are reduced. This also applies to the procurement channels of your business customers. Imagine that you have an innovative B2B webshop that takes these aspects into account. A real added value for your customers and maybe THE competitive advantage over your competitors.


More personal customer loyalty with E-Commerce - is not that a contradiction?
Many companies shy away from the need to explain products in the direction of E-Commerce. They believe e-Commerce would be the wrong format or it would undermine personal customer contact and thus the chance of long-term customer loyalty. The long-standing and steadily increasing success of our customers proves that e-Commerce contributes significantly to customer loyalty - provided it is done right!


Lack of automation in sales leads to errors and delays. In fact, these often lead to interaction with the customer, for example because mistakes have been made when typing fax orders, and a return must be processed, or the goods availabilities are clarified by telephone. But are these really high-quality customer discussions, which strengthen the personal connection?


Under high-quality customer contacts we understand advisory discussions and negotiations. The basis for such discussions can be E-Commerce. E-Commerce keeps your sales reps free by avoiding manual and repetitive tasks. E-Commerce automates what is annoying and brings no added value in dialogue with the customer. E-Commerce centralizes all information on request so that your sales staff can find it in no time. E-Commerce ensures that your sales team I can focus on acquiring new customers and maintaining regular customers.


E-Commerce B2B also includes digital product configurators that help your employees create customized offers faster. Especially with highly complex solutions and varied products such tools are of great advantage. For more information on a concrete example, see our reference Siemens.

Are you a manufacturer, processor or wholesaler of food or drinks?

Then our B2B E-Commerce platform will help you meet the challenges of a low-margin crowding market.


It does not matter if your customers belong to the catering trade, to the food trade, to the petrol stations or to the retail trade. A high-quality eShop brings additional added value to your customers and sets them apart from your competitors.


Your sales team will also benefit from our solution as our B2B E-Commerce platform picks up tiresome repetitive work. Collecting orders manually or faxing orders manually is a thing of the past thanks to IconParc's B2B E-Commerce platform. What do you have from it? Faster order processing, fewer errors and more time for quality customer discussions.

Nowhere is so much spent per capita on furniture as in Germany. At the same time, retail space is shrinking and the E-Commerce share is growing. This trend will intensify in the future as a new generation of customers is growing up. These so-called "digital natives" are able to handle a tablet even before they can speak. They are maturing into potential customers who have no reservations about online shopping, and are helping to further accelerate the B2B E-Commerce trend. It does not matter if you export furniture or import it from abroad. With an innovative B2B E-Commerce platform, you supplement classic sales and are well prepared for the future.


If you sell furniture, you may want to offer additional services, such as: Transport, installation or disposal of disused items. You may want to allow partial shipments if certain products have a longer delivery time when ordering multiple items.


E-Commerce B2B offers you much more: With digital configurators, you and your customers have the opportunity to visualize individual pieces of furniture and complete facilities in 3D. BOMs of all required parts are also automatically generated.

We are happy to advise you. Just contact us.

The challenges of the textile industry and the sporting needs are great. Rising costs, stringent environmental regulations and the "Alliance for Sustainable Textiles" put great demands on manufacturers and wholesalers from German-speaking countries. Whether you're importing, exporting, delivering to end-users, or selling to retailers, IconParc's B2B E-Commerce platforms are your best choice for worldwide sales.


Upon request, we will enable you to efficiently manage catalogs or catalog data and assortments. We also use our B2B E-Commerce platform to pre-order and repeat orders or processes that deal with "floating goods" and seasonal items. With our webshop, you have the opportunity to display your merchants or business customers product availability and individual prices in real time. Time-consuming and error-prone queries via telephone and email are eliminated. Your sales team is relieved of troublesome work and can focus on high quality counseling sessions. Incidentally, we also implement these functions for you if you want to have a large number of different ERP systems connected.

Call us or write to us if you would like to know more about how you can strengthen your international competitiveness with E-Commerce B2B.

Increased import prices from Asia, the increase in multifunctional devices and the cost awareness of end users are characteristic of the consumer electronics market. Especially when price comparisons on the Internet are gaining in importance, it is difficult for traders to differentiate themselves from their competitors, without getting down on falling margins. Additional services and a comfortable shopping experience will strengthen your position in the market. Just like our longtime customer RED ZAC.

We would like to show you how B2B E-Commerce also strengthens your business back in order to be optimally prepared for the future.

Hardly any industry is as underestimated by outsiders as the packaging industry in terms of its diversity. If you are a producer of packaging, a manufacturer of equipment or branded goods, then your world brings many challenges. In addition to the points of contact with other sectors, legal regulations, sustainability and increasing competitive pressure play a major role. Every single topic is already a huge undertaking on its own. And now comes the digital transformation to you. Not so easy, here to keep the eye for the essentials, right? It becomes even more difficult when it comes to translating the theory into concrete action in your company.

We help you! IconParc is in close contact with the German Packaging Institute, the Packaging Network and the consulting firm Berndt + Partner. Together, we drive digital transformation in your industry and your business. We help you set the right digital priorities and implement B2B E-Commerce solutions for you on request.

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