Digital solutions for PIM, E-Commerce, Mobile APPs, E-Procurement, MultiStore Environments, Print Publishing, Virtual Shelves

for sales, marketing, process control and services

Successful digital B2B solutions originate when know-how and experience meet real passion. That's exactly what IconParc offers.


From the vision to the planning to the design to the realization. Look forward to an outstanding quality and service level. Benefit from our 21-year expertise and a perfectly attuned 24-member team - interdisciplinary and with a unique commitment.


We accompany you from A to Z.
From the beginning to the future.

Seamless integration in responsive FRONTEND

of PIM, WebShop, CMS, CRM and that in the individual Design

Complete control via BACKEND

with 15,000 features, 300 assistants, 30 reports, 30 searches, 20 views, 45 process controls

Unique efficiency through our advanced caching

which ensures the delivery of content in milliseconds - even without a CDN.

Software Installation? Not necessary.

Runs on all devices, anywhere in the world, day and night.

High Performance

ensures smooth working in real time.

Customized interfaces

Perfectly matched to each other and orchestrated in time.

Modular Multi-Layer Framework

on JAVA 64-bit with focus on B2B

Updates on a weekly basis

without production interruption

Extremely high-performance migrations for rapid growth

by means of a self-describing high-performance database

Our Bots

carry out continuous safety tests. And thus ensure the extreme robustness of our dynamically growing solutions.

Our success stories

for more than 21 years

What sets us apart


Our 21-year experience distinguishes us as well as the wide-ranging knowledge of our interdisciplinary team.


We are always passionate about it. And keep our promises.

Quality of Service

Excellent performance and service orientation are our top priorities.


The IconParc E-Commerce Suite already contains more than 80 modules and is constantly growing. Thus, we are well prepared for the present and the future


Our solutions are in use worldwide.

Numbers, data, facts

> 2.3 billion € sales

across all our solutions for IconParc customers

> 5 million orders

across all our solutions for IconParc customers


  • FOCUS "Best Employer 2018" in the category Telecommunications and IT
  • INNOVATION AWARD IT "Best of 2018" in the category APPs
  • Best Online Shop B2B in 2009
  • Best Online Shop B2B in 2007

Four partners

  • Owners are active in the company
  • No external investors involved

24 employees

  • Interdisciplinary academics team
  • Over 60% of our workforce has been involved for more than 10 years. Some even more than 15 years


founded in Munich

In the center of Munich

At Stachus overlooking the Old Botanical Garden

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