allows the creation of exclusive and individualised print formats such as flyers, price lists and entire catalogues in a simple manner. The contents intended for publication are automatically loaded from your existing IT landscape (ERP, PIM) via appropriately implemented interfaces and are then flexibly adaptable in the B2B BACKEND via IconParc Catalog & PIM module. Rejections in the form of PDF files as well as Adobe InDesign documents are supported.

A B2B customer logs into the FRONTEND of the IconParc Print Publisher solution with his personal access data. There the customer can easily generate his specific price list as PDF, with numerous configuration options such as ...

  • Language
  • Currency
  • Issue of non-binding sales prices (UVP / UPE)
  • Output of the individually agreed purchase prices (for the registered B2B customer)
  • Output of EAN barcodes (enable direct article identification via scanner)
  • Selection of a PDF design variant, e.g. in tabular style (à la Excel), in catalogue design or in catalogue design with particularly large images


In a typical scenario with several 1,000 (!) articles, a PDF price list document is generated within about 20 seconds, taking into account the customer-specific defined assortment section - of course with current customer-specific prices, in the selected language and currency, including availability, packaging units, parts list information, illustrations and much more. 

Alternatively, the internal sales department can also generate the customer-specific price list via BACKEND and then send it to the B2B customer by e-mail.


It couldn't be more convenient, simpler and more efficient.

Print Publisher for B2B catalogues

Printed B2B catalogues usually only contain illustrations and product descriptions. This neglects customer-specific assortments, country-specific EIAs and, above all, the purchase prices negotiated per customer. 

Not so with the IconParc Print Publisher!


The IconParc Print Publisher offers you the following options:

  • Automated catalogue creation in all languages via export via Adobe InDesign in CMYK colour model

  • Automated catalog creation in all languages as PDF document

  • Online configurator for creating advertising flyers and offers in PDF format


Savings through automated production of print catalogs

Even though digital transformation is increasingly leaving its mark, printed product catalogs are still a popular medium to inform customers about your portfolio before they buy. The high manual effort involved in creating printable catalogs makes it a good idea to take steps to optimize processes, resulting in a significant reduction in costs. With the help of IconParc Print Publisher you can link your product data with InDesign templates.


Here is a scenario from practice

One-off costs

  • 10.000 € for a server license of the IconParc Print Publisher

  • approx. 10 man days to implement a suitable interface between your existing product data source (ERP or PIM) and Adobe InDesign

  • For a catalogue design: approx. 5 man-days to develop page templates with placeholders for your product data


Running costs

  • per month 1.5% of the one-off costs, in this case approx. 375 € per month


Production run

  • If, for example, 20 man-days per catalog are required for manual creation of the catalog pages, this effort can be reduced to half an hour per catalog production.

  • Only design changes incur one-off costs for the creation of new page templates.


Once the InDesign catalog document has been filled fully automatically with your product data and images, you can of course continue to make manual changes to it or insert additional pages.


And another advantage: the more catalog runs you carry out, the higher the savings, because the one-off expenses are then eliminated! The second generation of catalogs is created for a fraction of the original cost (with manual creation).


Once the first hurdles have been overcome on the way to fully automatic catalog generation, highly individualized catalog variants can be realized that would have been completely unrealistic for cost reasons. Imagine your company being put in a position, for example, to send every A customer a catalogue with their individually agreed prices and specific article numbers. It is not absolutely necessary to create printed material based on InDesign documents: Alternatively, the IconParc Print Publisher also supports output in the form of PDF files that every customer can download from your online presence - of course with customer-specific individualized elements.