CDN - Content Delivery Network

Module for Customer Journey Expansion

Make page content internationally available more quickly.


How it works: We work together with external service providers who operate worldwide infrastructures with fast servers. These fast "CDN servers" deliver some or all of our site content. This brings speed advantages in the respective countries and relieves the platforms.


A customer in Italy calls up the web address of our platforms operated in Germany.

Szenario 1 - without CDN

The customer's browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome etc.) establishes a connection to our server via its provider (e.g. Telekom) and calls up pages.

  • Depending on the provider, the connection will be faster or slower. So our platform may seem subjectively slow to the customer, although the reason lies with his provider.

  • All content is loaded directly from our German server, i.e. we have to provide the full bandwidth.

Szenario 2 - with CDN

Within Italy, the customer is automatically connected to the Italian CDN server of our platform.

  • The CDN server in Italy has an optimal connection to our German server, so that the access for all Italian customers is equally fast (independent of the respective provider).

  • Static content (e.g. product images) is delivered directly from the Italian CDN server, i.e.
    here we save enormous bandwidth in Germany (at least 60%)
    the Google ranking improves because the page loading times decrease (we optimally meet the Google criteria "time to start transfer" (time2firstByte) and "total loading time", a ranking boost is the result)

CDNs connected so far: Jotta, Akamai

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