Module for Sales Marketing Customer Journey Processes

Payment and delivery methods - as individual as your customers.


  • Selection of the payment and delivery method as well as any additional service packages/services (e.g. deliver washing machine, take old appliance with you and dispose of it, connect washing machine)

  • Dynamic calculation of shipping costs based on distance calculations using the Google Route Planner (e.g. for service packages)



Dialogue Assistants

  • Management of delivery types
  • Management of payment methods and necessary payment interfaces
  • Configurations of Logistics Options: Definition of possible combinations of delivery/payment type
  • Determination of delivery costs for individual delivery types with different influencing factors such as goods values, quantities, regions or distances.
  • Optional definition of exclusions of individual logistics options on different levels (assortment, product, price lists, locations, etc.).
  • Maintenance of optional service packages/services (descriptions, prices, etc.)..
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