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You would like to introduce a digital B2B solution for your company? You need a consultant and project manager at your side to accompany you - and that for many years to come? So you are at the completely right place.



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Within the scope of the specification phase, I comprehensively respond to your individual wishes. I create visual concepts that make a solution tangible for you before it is implemented. After the contract has been awarded, I take over the project management and control our implementation team. Our service promise includes, in particular, adherence to schedules and budgets - I stand up for what I promise! With me, you can rely on having a contact person who is always available for you, and has been for 18 years now.



Short about me

At the age of 12 I started programming and developed software for offices to partially automate processes. After graduating from high school in 1992, I worked in Rome as a casting assistant and cameraman for S. Rubin and A. Marrari ("The Name of the Rose"). Then I followed in my father's footsteps and studied architecture in Strasbourg, Paris, Braunschweig and Darmstadt. After winning competitions as an architect and implementing large-scale construction projects, I returned to my real passion, software development.

Since 19 years I am co-owner of IconParc and accompany well-known customers like PUMA, RED ZAC as well as GUNZ with their digitization projects.


In my spare time I like to build apartments and make grunge music.

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As CEO of IconParc, I attach great importance to continuity and sustainability: Without venture capital, we have been growing organically for more than 21 years. A key success factor here is a family environment in which our "colorful troupe" thrives: we employ talented people who support each other in forming new solutions from ideas, experience and know-how.


In technology consulting my focus is on the often complex interaction of processes, systems and interfaces. The goal is to design a solution architecture that will do justice, in particular, to the people who will handle it. To do this, I analyze your requirements and develop technical specifications for your future e-business solution - taking into account the diverse dependencies that characterize every demanding IT project.



Short about me
After completing my studies in electrical engineering and information technology at the Technical University of Munich, I started working at Siemens AG in 1994 - initially in the Business Unit Networking Systems (VS): as responsible for the selection and implementation of a trouble ticket system to support the worldwide support At this early stage, I was given the opportunity to explore and help shape the use of Internet technologies as the foundation for application platforms. In my subsequent work as a crisis manager in the Private Networks (PN) business unit, I was jointly responsible for the successful completion of a troubled telecommunications project - and got to know the intricacies of project management and specification coordination among many stakeholders and across company boundaries.


At the end of 1997, together with Sven Angerer, I founded IconParc, which focuses on the implementation of complex e-business platforms.


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