RMA ReturnShipment

Module for Sales Marketing Customer Journey Process Control

Verwaltung von Tickets (wie z.B. für Trouble-Tickets, ToDos, Support-Tickets oder Bugtrackings)


  • Wizards
    • Creation of tickets by customers, customer employees and internal employees (company itself) at item level
    • Forwarding to the responsible group of persons
    • Online access via Internet (both FRONTEND and BACKEND) or Intranet

  • Report
    • Returns

  • Views
    • Online history both FRONTEND and BACKEND
    • Configurable feedback for each processing carried out


  • Role
    • CRM

  • Report
    • Returns

  • Wizards
    • Returns
      • Ticket ID, Kd-No., customer, invoice/order/delivery note no., description, merchandise management items, status, complaint type, complaint reason, processor, cause of error, shipping type, internal comment, external comment, make this change visible to the customer, suspend payment transactions, attach files, mail changes to internal employees, customer employees

  • Notifications
    • Internal employees and customer employees
    • Escalation mails for unfinished tickets, which remain unprocessed for too long or without solution
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