founded in Ulm

27 Mio. €

Turnover in 2017

85 %

Online sales


Turnover from direct online orders: orders entered by customers themselves in the B2B FRONTEND


Sales from indirect online orders: Order acceptance via B2B e-Commerce platform by the internal sales team on the telephone with customers

60,000 Articles

Huge selection of products in the portfolio. Whether plotters and machines, films or textiles, screen printing inks, inks, displays and tools - we supply everything from a single source!

110 Employees

Since 2002

Customer of ICONPARC

Karl Gröner GmbH

Company profile

The family business Karl Gröner GmbH is a specialist dealer for advertising technology. Its extensive product range includes around 60,000 articles from the fields of films, screen printing, advertising textiles and decorative systems as well as digital services and large-scale equipment system solutions. These include, for example, T-shirts for printing, cutting plotters, poster stands, latex printers, cutting tools and much more. For more than 60 years Karl Gröner GmbH's success has been based on a wide range of products coupled with competent advice. Customers include companies from the processing industry, above all textile finishers.

Dr. Eberhard & Bernd Gröner

Managing Director

"Without our B2B e-Commerce platform, the wholesale business in our industry would no longer be affordable today. The independent, flexible adaptation of the product ranges, an extremely high-performance price and availability check based on individual customer conditions and not least the all-encompassing product information, which has contributed to the high acceptance of the platform, confirm our opinion, even after more than 16 years of live operation, that ICONPARC is the right partner in the jungle of e-Commerce providers and developers".

Project goals

of the B2B E-Commerce solution for the Karl Gröner GmbH

  • MultiChannel Strategy: Opening up the Internet as an Additional Sales Channel

  • Reduced design and efficient processes: fast, intuitively understandable and absolutely reliable

  • Automatic handling of sales and order processing including returns. The customer should be able to buy "simple" products online immediately and around the clock. Sales staff are available for articles requiring more advice. Process automation is intended to relieve these employees, so that they can play an even more active role in customer consulting.

  • Clear and appealing presentation of the broad product range including its many variants based on dimensions such as size, colour, grammage, material, roll width and much more. A big challenge: to make the shopping experience pleasant for the customer. Despite this huge selection, the customer should be able to find his way around easily and come back again and again.

  • Lead generation by providing lots of advisory information on all products, even for items that cannot be ordered directly online, such as digital printing systems or services such as vehicle lettering, design of trade fair appearances ...

  • Consideration of the needs of B2B buyers on the customer side. They want to be able to process recurring orders as quickly, efficiently and with little administrative effort as possible. Communication loops (e.g. queries about availability), which delay purchasing, should be consistently avoided.

  • Despite the power of the B2B e-Commerce platform, content maintenance should be efficient for the internal marketing team. Unnecessary redundancies are to be avoided, so that data is only entered in one place if possible. Up-to-dateness plays an equally important role. Especially in view of the broad product range, efficiency, up-to-dateness and speed are decisive criteria for the success of a company.


of the E-Commerce B2B platform for Karl Gröner GmbH