The challenge

The first step was to develop a B2B solution for PUMA Germany in order to close a gap in dealer support: Before the introduction of the e-business or e-commerce platform, orders could only be placed via telephone, fax or PUMA sales representatives. The subsequent manual transfer to the ERP system was time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, orders could only be accepted during regular business hours.
PUMA intended to tie its dealers more closely to itself by significantly increasing the service level through the planned B2B e-commerce platform. Right from the start, it was important that the selected solution had the potential to gradually cover additional countries or regions.

In order to convince the retail trade in the long term, ordering must be as efficient and convenient as possible, especially when the

Sales perspective in around 40 countries

with country-specific assortments, complex individual price systems and with many special cases and exceptions.

The result

the digital transformation

The IconParc project team investigated in great detail how PUMA dealers make purchases. We also developed optimized purchasing processes that make ordering extremely convenient and fast.

In order to ensure the highest performance and availability at all times,

several servers are in a cluster network

zum Einsatz.

Individual assortments, prices and availabilities

werden dabei sofort ermittelt und angezeigt.

And this in interaction with several different ERP systems.

The effect

The online platform is available 24/7 and offers outstanding performance. Efficient ordering from your own specific range and with individual prices is possible at any time,

convenient even with hundreds of order items

More and more dealers are preferring direct online ordering over ordering by phone or fax. The international roll-out in around 40 countries has been handled with ease, including connection to several ERP systems for automated data exchange. The B2B e-commerce solution for PUMA

was designed to be multilingual and multi-currency capable right from the start.

was designed to be multilingual and multi-currency capable right from the start.

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