The challenge

Karl Gröner GmbH is a traditional specialist dealer for advertising technology. The extensive assortment of the family business from Ulm includes approximately

60.000 articles

from the fields of films, screen printing, advertising textiles and decorative systems as well as digital services and large-scale equipment system solutions.

In 2002, Gröner planned to introduce a B2B e-Commerce platform, primarily to make the manual receipt of orders by telephone or fax more efficient and less error-prone. In particular, the transfer to the ERP system was to be automated, while at the same time relieving the internal sales force. Gröner intended to offer its business customers more service in order to bind them more closely to the company.

The result

of the digital transformation

The e-Commerce experts at IconParc comprehensively investigated how product selection and checkout could be optimized. On the basis of the insights gained, we developed online processes that were precisely tailored to these needs. This has made placing orders quicker and more convenient than ever before.
In a further expansion step, order acceptance by Gröner's internal sales department was also converted to the new B2B e-Commerce platform. Instead of laboriously entering orders into the ERP system by telephone or fax, the office staff now also use the online platform as the most efficient way to enter order data - with automatic transfer to the ERP system. An important side effect of this approach: Office staff know the B2B solution so well that they can support customers in using it easily and with conviction. Even when customers interact with Gröner over the phone, it feels as if they have ordered online: For example, customers receive the same email notifications for incoming orders or logistical processing.

Highlights from the IconParc module program used: The TurboCart module enables lightning-fast shopping baskets with hundreds of order items. The MultiChannel module ensures optimised presentation of the B2B solution on all relevant end devices. In B2B FRONTEND

individual assortments, prices and availabilities

that originally exist in the ERP system are determined and displayed immediately. The underlying interface technology is included in IconParc's InterfaceToolkit.

The effect

The Gröner B2B platform is available 24x7 and offers exceptional performance, i.e. the B2B FRONTEND reacts practically without delay to all interactions with customers and prospects. Thanks to the optimised processes, order entry is very simple, taking into account the respective customer-specific product range and individual prices.

27 Mio. € turnover in 2017

85% via B2B E-Commerce

The results achieved in practice speak for themselves:

Digital transformation pays off!

It is therefore only logical that since go-live in 2002, numerous optimizations and enhancements have been implemented as part of expansion phases. Most recently, Gröner carried out a comprehensive relaunch of the B2B e-Commerce platform in April 2018, combined with many new highlights.

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