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In our increasingly connected world, digital identities are more valuable than ever. Yet businesses and individuals struggle with cyberattacks and data breaches every day. Traditional authentication methods such as passwords are vulnerable to attack and increasingly targeted by criminals.

WebAuthn - A Breakthrough in Online Security

We are pleased to introduce our latest development: WebAuthn, the breakthrough software module that will forever change the way we authenticate online. With WebAuthn, we are setting the standard for a strong, convenient and forward-looking security solution.


How does it work?

WebAuthn (Web Authentication) is an innovative authentication protocol based on proven cryptographic techniques. Instead of relying on a single password, WebAuthn allows you to use multiple secure factors to confirm your identity. These can be biometric data such as fingerprints or facial recognition, but also physical security keys.


The advantages at a glance

  • Adherence to the highest security standards: Protect your digital assets from today's increasingly sophisticated attacks and meet stringent security requirements.
  • Seamless user experience: with WebAuthn, enjoy convenient, user-friendly authentication that doesn't restrict your online activities.
  • Flexibility and future-proof: Integrate WebAuthn seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and prepare for future developments in online security.
    Build trust: Show your customers and partners that security is your top priority and boost confidence in your digital presence.

Improve your digital security with an innovative approach that protects your business from threats while giving your customers a sense of security. WebAuthn - your connection to a safer online future.

Technical details


Dialog Wizard

  • Setting up the credentials for identification


  • Without password conveniently via fingerprint, Face-ID, ...
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