Based on the wishes and needs of our customers, we have developed numerous modules over many years. This flexibility is only possible because our framework is based on a multi-layer architecture right from the start. This allows us to play one or more modules on your platform at any time.

You decide what you need.
And when.

Not just that. Our library is structured in such a way that each module individually and highly individualize them, which selectively overwrites the library at the appropriate places.


We always have our finger on the pulse, constantly refining existing modules and continuously and highly agilely expanding our range of solutions.

Each of the modules listed here is used productively in Live environments.

Modular. Individual. Scalable. Flexible.

And there are more and more...

Because digital transformation is a constantly progressing and changing process.

ICONPARC - The Modules

PDF brochure with 144 pages

Base modules

Modules for your sales

Modules for your marketing

Modules for the customer journey

Modules for processes

Modules for expansion

Customer Testimonials