Advantage through Continuous Integration

With our customized software solutions in digital commerce, we develop each of our customers into the market leader in their industry

ICONPARC - high expectations

Promises generate expectations. And expectations need to be met, or better yet, exceeded. ICONPARC is driven by a consistent will to succeed and the urge to develop. Only in this way can we achieve our ambitious goals and be a convincing partner for our customers. Trust, reliability, loyalty and mutual respect are essential aspects of cooperation, both within our own team and with our customers. Because we know: Great challenges can only be overcome together. Talk to our customers. Their success confirms our performance promise.

A three-way catalyst - our way to pure solution

ICONPARC understands by consulting not only the clumsy passing on of information. We ask. And question. Because we understand consulting as a strategic dialogue that aims to filter out pure solutions in a three-step process. Your solution.

Step 1: Analyze

Only knowledge enables new perspectives. We want to find out where and where your potentials lie. Where strengths can be developed, where friction can be reduced. That's why we want to get to know you better. We want to know what you do. For whom you do it. Where you do it. And how you do it. Because pure solutions must capture the interplay of corporate personality, business processes and market potential in all its uniqueness and complexity.

Step 2: Focus

An effervescent tablet does not heal a broken bone. And with an air mattress you will not cross the Atlantic. The situation is similar with e-business: an application only makes sense if it works. If it supports and promotes your company, your employees, your work and what you want. And if it is economical. That's why we deal with concrete goals at this point. We ask what exactly you want to achieve. We examine what you need to achieve it. Now. And in the future. At this point we also deal with

Numbers apart. To see what pays off how and when. Because pure solution has a goal in its sights. Clear. And sharply defined. Everything else we call blind actionism. Or just senselessly thrown out money.

Step 3: Design

With a focus on the finish line, we create a comprehensive document, a so-called specification. It ensures clarity and defines the scope of services. Clearly arranged. Structured. And detailed. You should have planning reliability. You should know and be able to check what exactly happens when and how. Because pure solutions are transparent. And step by step programmed for success.

Sights on products or targets?

You have become obsessed with mere product hunt? Pity. Because an "Ah, you want a web store? Sure! Here we have the Sell-well, the Sell-better and the Sellbest!"

you will not hear from us. We have powerful products. Without a doubt. But: We work goal-oriented. Our customers want to win. Be it in terms of presence, efficiency, time, sales or other markets. And exactly - but only then - we adjust our equipment and training accordingly. So that you are sure to hit the mark.