Customer Care Center

Module for Sales Marketing Customer Journey Processes

The sales team usually takes orders by phone or in writing using an ERP client, which is usually tedious. This also prevents Sales Team employees from looking at their products and company through the eyes of their customers. In addition, the opportunity remains unused to introduce customers to the online channel with the help of internal sales. How can an employee get enthusiastic about e-business FRONTEND when talking to customers if he does not use it himself and therefore hardly knows it?
In this way, your sales team usually has to cope with a high workload of repetitive requests requiring little advice - in the often unpopular ERP client, whose operation often causes additional frustration. Why not use FRONTEND, the e-business already fully optimised for self-service by your customers, to take orders for the respective caller instead?

With Customer Care Center, your office staff takes all orders through the eyes of the customer. For this purpose ICONPARC has introduced the Customer Care Center module: This allows you to start a FRONTEND session as a substitute for the calling customer based on the BACKEND and the customer identification. Your sales team employee uses the e-business FRONTEND with all customer-specific personalised contents, especially the individual prices and conditions. This has several advantages: First of all, your office staff has become very familiar with the FRONTEND - and has learned to appreciate features such as quick search and filtering. The filling of the shopping basket and the subsequent check-out are also much easier than the corresponding operations in the ERP client. In other words: In FRONTEND everything goes faster and it is more fun. What's more, your employees will find it easier to understand the customer's view if they operate your digital channel with the customer's eyes. This constantly identifies potential for improvement. And your (still) offline customers still receive a detailed order confirmation via e-mail when they place their order via Customer Care Center. In this way, customers are gently introduced to the FRONTEND of your B2B e-business solutions and may feel like trying it themselves next time in the FRONTEND. There your customers will also find the orders placed by telephone in the order history - very practical for easy re-ordering, and also to view the processing status at any time.


  • Additional fields for the indoor service in the shopping cart
    • Special prices at purchase order item level
    • No allocation of the minimum quantity surcharge
    • Overwriting the shipping costs
    • Additional comment fields per order


  • View
    • Integration of a button to start a FRONTEND session with a Supersession-ID in the customer overview of a button on customer employee level

  • Report
    • Auftragseingang
      • Filtering and presentation of CustomerCare orders

  • Notifications
    • Extension of the internal as well as external e-mails by the representation of the CustomerCares
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