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A case study on process control

Schweitzer Fachinformationen offers lawyers, auditors and tax consultants, industry and commerce, public authorities and libraries complete solutions for the procurement, management and use of digital and printed media. In total, its offering comprises a good 50 million titles and articles such as books, e-books and e-journals, daily newspapers, journals, databases, standards, etc. Innovative software solutions make this expertise conveniently available everywhere. The solution provider is the Munich-based software company ICONPARC.

200 million € turnover

600 employees

200.000 publishers

50 million articles

2 million article updates per day

The challenge

Every day, up to 2 million article updates of 50 million articles from 200,000 publishers have to be processed.

  • The digital process control is to import and consolidate metadata of 50 million articles from more than 200,000 publishers.


  • On average, 2 million article updates have to be processed daily.


  • Fast performance in milliseconds is essential, as the customer always needs up-to-date bibliographic information and prices.


  • The crux: publishers, wholesalers and catalog aggregators deliver metadata in various formats.


  • Different sources provide data on an article, but in different quality. Sometimes the information overlaps.


  • Quality criteria must be taken into account during consolidation. Priority rules must be changeable.


  • Individual metadata is edited manually by specialized editors to optimize the presentation of important articles.


  • Essential parts of the metadata (e.g. article description) must be retained, even if other information (e.g. prices) is automatically updated.


  • The mechanism must function reliably and without failure so that there is no processing backlog at any time.
The Solution

A multi-stage, fully automated process develops, maintains and secures Germany's largest database for specialist information.

  • Numerous source databases represent a first consolidation stage. Metadata from one or more sources or from one or more feeds of a source flows into each source database.


  • Extensive checks and validations are performed, for example to ensure that bundle prices are transferred without contradiction.


  • The second consolidation stage brings together all title data from the various sources in a comprehensive database.


  • A rule-based configuration ensures that the qualitatively best partial information is selected and incorporated into the product information. Example: Author information preferably from source A or D, title and description preferably from source B, price information preferably from source C.


  • In order to be able to extend the metadata for selected articles as required, ICONPARC has developed and seamlessly integrated a complete PIM as a catalog editing system.


  • All results flow into a central search index. ICONPARC's integrated Lucene search technology enables quick search and filtering of the complete article inventory in less than 200 milliseconds per query.


  • The system is based on a redundant infrastructure with load balancing. Several servers handle the import and merging of source data in massive parallel.


  • The growth of the inventory can be covered by simply adding more servers.

The result

Meta data of over 50 million articles are optimally prepared, are available daily and can be found at lightning speed.

  • Die Schweitzer B2B E-Business-Plattform besteht aus mehreren zielgruppenspezifischen Frontends.


  • Der blitzschnelle Such- und Filterservice steht flächendeckend allen Frontends zur Verfügung.


  • Trotz gewaltiger Datenmengen ist das erzielte Qualitätsniveau vorbildlich.


  • Dank Clustertechnologie sind Verfügbarkeit, beste Performance und Skalierbarkeit nachhaltig gewährleistet - auch bei weiter steigenden Datenmengen.


  • Die Unternehmen profitieren von einem vollständig in die E-Procurement-Umgebung integrierten und optimierten Beschaffungsprozess.

The result

As data volumes increase, Schweitzer Fachinformationen is relying on fully automated consolidation and indexing processes. Consistent digitization enables exponential growth.

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