Rainbow Color Chooser

Module for Sales Marketing Customer Journey

Choose a colour for a product from the ultimate Rainbow Color Chooser module. 

"After years of hard work and under extremely inhumane conditions, under the strict supervision of Amnesty International and the European Court of Justice, our developers have created this unique tool, which enables customers to find exactly the right colour and size variant from several hundred product variants extremely quickly. This alone required 250,000 tons of chips and 47,520 hectolitres of coffee. At least that's how brand owners advertise their products. Not that we think that's necessarily good, but we've heard it has to be that way. (We wouldn't have found this "module" worth mentioning, because we think that such a function is simply part of it these days. But since others advertise it as a feature, we want to prevent the impression that it is missing in our software). Oh, there's one more, so here's an encore! "WORLDNEWS! A friend of an alleged Hollywood star even called it BEST TOOL EVER!".

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