PIM - Product Information Management

PIM - Product Information Management

In order to offer your company's products and services via web-based and mobile frontends, a high level of data granularity is required. This is the only way to embed your products and services in automated (sales) processes and interfaces in addition to visually appealing presentations. In this way, e-business serves both to open up new sales channels, increase sales and gain market share, and to relieve the strain on employees, because manual (comparatively slow and error-prone) interventions are no longer necessary.


To make this possible, an extremely detailed preparation of all editorial and product-specific content is required. While our CMS module takes care of editorial pages and page components, the PIM module, which is also seamlessly integrated, takes care of the consolidation of all data relevant to the product environment, which can then be used in a variety of ways for the channels and processes served.  For this purpose, we connect your existing data sources via standardized or individualized interfaces. The ERP system usually represents the most important data supplier in this context.


We look forward to presenting you with concrete solutions with PIM components - and show you how your company can benefit from a complete solution from ICONPARC.