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COBRA-PUMA GOLF ist eine Unternehmenssparte von PUMA North America und kombiniert zwei starke Marken, die der Golfindustrie eine breite Palette von Angeboten bieten. COBRA-PUMA GOLF ist ein integratives Unternehmen für Golfer aller Fähigkeiten, Einstellungen und Stile, die das Spiel genießen. Das Portfolio umfasst die leistungsstarken Driver, Fairways, Hybride und Eisen von Cobra Golf sowie Sport- und Lifestyle-Schuhe, Bekleidung und Accessoires von PUMA Golf für Männer und Frauen. COBRA-PUMA GOLF vereint Leistung und Stil und konzentriert sich auf Innovation, Technologie, überzeugendes Design und überlegene Leistung mit einem Vorteil für den globalen Golfmarkt. COBRA-PUMA GOLF ist Teil der PUMA AG, einem der weltweit führenden Sportlifestyle-Unternehmen, das Schuhe, Bekleidung und Accessoires entwickelt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter und

Project goals

of the international B2B e-Commerce solution for Cobra

  • Centralization & optimization of sales processes by introducing a new webshop for COBRA dealers

  • Automation and acceleration of order processing

  • Offer the COBRA dealers a convenient shopping experience in order to bind them to the company in the long term.

  • Increased efficiency in content maintenance in the marketing area

  • Introduction of a sustainable solution where system maintenance and updates are carried out in the background so that everyday business can continue without interruption.


Together with IconParc, COBRA has introduced a new cross-country and cross-regional purchasing platform for its dealers that meets all the needs of modern B2B purchasing. Today, the internal sales force is relieved of manual repetitive tasks. In this way, employees have more time for high-quality service and customer discussions. Content maintenance on the sales portal is now much more automated and therefore more efficient, so that marketing resources can be invested even more specifically in sales-relevant activities.

Functional highlights

  • Pre- and repeat orders with individual specifications for each customer

  • Automated ordering and delivery process

  • Country-specific and regional catalogues

  • Seasonal overlaps

  • Connection of several enterprise resource planning systems via a uniform set of interfaces

  • Convenient quick search and filter options

  • Comprehensive, consolidated article information from various sources

  • Complex customer-specific price determination in real time

  • Availability information online in real time (also about "floating goods")

  • Order 24x7 or around the clock
    Documents (invoices, credit notes) can be retrieved at any time

  • Detailed shipment tracking

  • Reports for the analysis of orders, sales, registrations, search entries, visitors and much more.

  • Support for any number of languages and currencies for the countries and regions covered, including character sets such as Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese.

  • Marketing area for downloading current product images, banners, brochures, flyers and promotions

  • Newsletter tool for sending out product offers - including display of customer-specific prices and consideration of customer-specific assortment restrictions

  • Order 24x7 or around the clock: Best performance and reliability through the use of a server cluster, connected to the load balancer of the data center (for load balancing)

Our services

Strategy and digital consulting

Together with the Cobra project management, we developed an implementation concept including a design study based on Cobra's internal considerations and wishes.

Design study

We presented various design drafts to the decision makers. These were first created in Photoshop and later implemented as HTML/CSS/JS prototypes.

Software & Customization

We have been continuously developing the IconParc B2B E-Commerce Suite for 21 years. Always up to date with the latest technologies. This is the basis for the realization of all our solutions.


The implementation with all interfaces took place within one year. After a two-month test phase in the STAGING environment, the B2B platform went live in 2010.


Since then, enhancements and optimizations have been incorporated on a permanent basis. Step by step, numerous countries and regions were connected, partly with different ERP systems. The international B2B solution for Cobra now covers 7 countries. To be continued...

Maintenance & Updates

Every month, more than 500 software changes are migrated to the LIVE system.

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