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Your new sales assistant

Printed product brochures and price lists, the notebook with order forms, your appointments on your mobile phone - basically the sales process in the field service is full of media discontinuities. On top of that, he is also time-intensive: in preparation for this morning, you have already searched for and printed out information about your customers in the central CRM system. Your visit reports will be completed in the evening from home. Does this scenario sound familiar?


Then a new approach will help! On the following pages, we present a mobile field service solution developed with maximum practical relevance:


Welcome to the ICONPARC B2B Sales App, your digitalized sales assistant!

Brochure of the B2B Sales APP

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Highlights at a glance

The tablet as the only companion

The B2B Sales App accompanies the entire sales process in the field service from A to Z. On the following pages we show you the typical daily routine of how the B2B Sales App supports you.

Focus on your customer

Simplest handling and outstanding performance of the B2B Sales App contribute to a relaxed customer discussion. Pay attention to your customers - not your tools.

Operating system

The B2B Sales App from ICONPARC runs on mobile Android devices and can be easily downloaded and updated via Google Play.


A backend suitable for the B2B app enables the transfer of customer and product data as well as the acceptance of purchase orders and other data. The integrated synchronization mechanism handles all important interfaces of the app to the outside world (ERP, PIM, CRM, ...).

Online & Offline

The B2B Sales App also supports you when there is no internet connection available: All functionalities required for product presentations and sales calls are also available offline!

Multilingual solution

The user interface and content are of course multilingual: the language preference can already be set on the ERP side.


The B2B Sales App supports any number of currencies. Together with multilingualism, nothing stands in the way of international deployment.


All communication between the app and the backend is encrypted. Access to the B2B Sales App is password protected and requires a user account in the backend.


The B2B Sales App is extremely performant and robust in use - experience the rapid operation without waiting during a live demonstration.


Step 1

The day begins

My sales

How is my performance developing? The B2B Sales App shows you the status and development of your sales per month or year at any time - comparisons with two previous years included. Also, a ranking of your best customers is processed.

My top customers

The ranking of your best customers helps you to assess where there is still a lot of potential. Here, too, the comparison with the two previous years makes developments already made visible.

My tasks

Another helpful CRM feature consists of requests and tasks to the sales department
to be able to report. Once a task has been completed, the B2B Sales App informs the sales representative about it.


News - for example in the product portfolio - is provided centrally and visualized in the B2B Sales App.

Vacation replacement

Your customers can be cared for during your holiday
Absence transferred to a field colleague.


Step 2

Planning the daily routine


The B2B Sales App supports centrally specified as well as self-agreed appointments, as well as one-off and interval appointments. Use swipe gestures to scroll through your appointments, which are clearly arranged in a daily or monthly view. After choosing an appointment, Google Navigation brings you to your customer as fast as possible.

Optimal route planning

All customers you visit in one day will be displayed in the integrated Google Maps map. Shifts or a changed order are done quickly with swiping movements.

Google Maps

Thanks to integrated Google Maps, the navigation system guides you the shortest route to the next customer. The customer calls already made are shown in green on the card.

Customers on the way

Maybe during the course of the day there will be a spontaneous appointment with a customer whose location is near your route? Add appointments at any time, as a supplement to the daily planning taken over by the ERP or CRM system.

B2B SALES APP Step 3 Screen

Step 3

Preparation for the customer

Customer selection

When putting together offers and orders you always act for each active customer, which is displayed prominently in the catalog area above. In the customer overview, the active customer can be changed at any time: orders already entered, shopping cart and wish list contents of all your customers are of course retained.


The active customer in each case has a wealth of information on locations and contact persons ready. Clear diagrams provide information about sales development and purchasing preferences (preferred product groups or sales channels).

Company data & contact persons

New contact persons can be created in the customer overview. It is also possible to edit existing contacts. All changes are passed on to the ERP or CRM system as part of synchronization.

Branch customers

Special customer companies have a branch structure with different delivery and billing addresses. The B2B Sales App also supports these structural subtleties.


For each contact person with your customers, the birthday can be entered: Is not it a nice gesture to personally congratulate your contacts?


Step 4

Catalog and product presentation


The prominently placed search finds articles, customers and orders.

Hit lists

Hit lists are scrolled vertically with swipe gestures - no scrolling required. Different sorting criteria can be applied. For each hit article listed, it is visualized which quantities the respective active customer last ordered. A finger touch, and the article is in the shopping cart again.


In order to reach the desired articles with just a few gestures, hit lists can be conveniently filtered - by product group, novelties, bestsellers, already ordered or not yet delivered articles.


All relevant data is attractively presented here, such as descriptions, texts, tables and the last dated order quantities.

Product images

Illustrations of the article can be displayed either small, in full screen or zoomable. Assuming that the images are finely resolved, article images on the high-resolution displays of tablets and smartphones appear pin-sharp.

Cross Selling

On article detail views and on transfer to the shopping cart, the B2B Sales App proposes a suitable selection of similar products.


On hit lists and article detail views, current actions are visually appealing. The respective (quantity-dependent) discount is clearly indicated. Of course, the shopping cart takes account of customer and article-specific price conditions.

Bills of materials

Products composed of several articles are presented in detail in the form of a parts list.


Step 5

Take orders

Order history

Especially B2B customers often order the same items. In the clear order history, order items can be added to the current shopping cart efficiently and, of course, selectively.


Handheld scanners can be connected via USB or - wirelessly - via Bluetooth. This makes it particularly convenient to place items on the shelf or in the storage area in the shopping cart.

Shopping cart

Even with large orders with many individual items, the overview is retained. When modifying quantities or after removing individual items by swiping, the shopping cart automatically re-calculates the order volume. Once the minimum order value per customer has been reached, the contents of the shopping cart can be closed and transferred to an order in this way.


Additional label markings can be optionally ordered for each order item.


Following a customer visit, requests for quotations and purchase orders are transferred to the ERP system as part of synchronization. The customer automatically receives a confirmation of the order by email. The overview of all order items, including their quantities and prices, allows the customer to check all the details.


In direct consultation with your customer, you specify the delivery date in the B2B Sales App. The availability per item (at the time of last sync) is also available offline within the app.


All order data is validated in the B2B Sales App and is therefore coherent and error-free. Queries in logistical handling are largely avoided - as well as costly returns.


Step 6


Visit reports

With the help of the B2B Sales App the visit documentation can be done by the way: Reports are created in the easiest way. Add photos directly to capture visual impressions of your customer visit. This means that the follow-up appointment with your customer is already practically prepared.


As is usual with emails, Office documents can be added in all popular formats as attachments to your visit report.


Maybe your customer is not ready to buy a specific product. In order for you to resume the ball on the next visit, it is best to keep such items on the customer's wish list. From there, items can be conveniently moved to the shopping cart.


From the cart content can be created with a finger touch an offer. With the help of the backend, a corresponding PDF document is generated and sent to the customer by e-mail.

Price list

For a customer's assortment of individually assorted products, the creation of a price list in PDF format can be initiated with a touch of a finger - optionally in the catalog or table design, including article illustrations. Of course, customer-specific prices are also taken into account.

Print Catalog

In addition, it is possible to generate the customer-specific article assortment as a print catalog in PDF format. There are various content options to choose from - for example, if you want to use RRPs or individual prices.


Another helpful CRM feature is to be able to report requests and tasks to the internal sales team. Once a task has been completed, the B2B Sales App informs the sales representative about it.

Success Story

Gunz Warenhandels GmbH


On the previous pages, we introduced you to the standard features of the ICONPARC B2B Sales App. The comprehensive features are implemented in practice, so that the B2B Sales App supports your sales team effectively and efficiently. If required, all functionalities, processes and interfaces can be customized so that highly individualized ideas can be realized. In addition, it is of course possible to adapt the look and feel exactly to your corporate design so that the B2B Sales App is unmistakably part of your company. We have over 22 years of experience in the specification, implementation and operation of sophisticated, customized e-Business solutions. Our agile development teams support you with full commitment.


Responsibility and commitment are in our nature.

The successful Austrian family business GUNZ has been growing strongly in the wholesale of foodstuffs for many years. So that processes and infrastructure do not become a brake on growth, GUNZ constantly scrutinizes and optimizes its own procedures. In this context, the IT processes used are of particular importance. In addition to ERP and logistics solutions that already reflect many facets of the business model, GUNZ has been running a B2B e-Business platform integrated into the process chain by Munich-based digitization experts for several years ICONPARC. Customers worldwide order from an attractive frontend - the backend seamlessly connects the solution with the existing IT infrastructure, ie without any media discontinuity. In this way, a significant portion of the business volume is already being processed online.


From the central B2B platform ...

Thanks to the consistent digitization of order acceptance and processing, the company and its customers benefit equally from the high processing speed and at the same time freedom from errors. Also queries to the GUNZ office staff have been successfully reduced to a minimum, because the B2B platform provides all necessary information and processes reliable - self-explanatory in several languages and currencies. Customers of the company are optimally picked up: Of course, this also includes dealing with suggestions for improvement, which are evaluated and implemented quickly by GUNZ.


... to the mobile field service solution

GUNZ has recognized the advantages of digitization at an early stage: The family-owned company invests constantly in IT solutions tailored to its own requirements, which are contributed by long-term partners ICONPARC and MIA Systems. Building on the previously introduced e-Business platform, GUNZ launched another ambitious initiative in 2017: By digitizing the field service process, the company hopes to improve the quality and efficiency of its daily sales appointments with customer companies. In other words: more sales through more enthusiasm! Of course, this requires a mobile tool that promotes a relaxed dialogue with the customer. The ICONPARC B2B Sales App, which has been adapted for GUNZ, has been rolled out to the entire field after a short introductory phase: more than 60 sales employees rely on the quality of the Android tablet-optimized solution in their daily work. Their focus is entirely on the customer and his needs: With just a few swipe and scroll gestures, the B2B Sales App makes elegant product presentations as easy as accepting orders and creating offers. Documentation of customer visits is done in passing with the help of the B2B Sales App - including photos and attached documents. Another highlight: The B2B Sales App does not require an Internet connection during customer discussions. The toolbox for local sales work is also available offline. It is therefore no surprise that the thoroughly ergonomic solution is characterized by a high level of acceptance among field staff.


Those who use digitization strategically know that this process is never completed: sustainable success requires constant change. As shown here by the example of the family business GUNZ, flexible IT solutions from ICONPARC are a faithful companion on this path.

At Gunz, digitization is a top priority for us: We see it as a means and a chance to strengthen our competitive position.As with the relaunch of the Gunz webshop, ICONPARC has presented a visionary concept with the new mobile field service solution and put it into practice perfectly the entire range of functions of the B2B App is available even without an active Internet connection - our sales representatives are thrilled! "

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