Independent Software Vendor & Integrator

Classic approach

Technology base and individualized project interlock massively. This is where the greatest risk lies in the medium to long term!

A Classic Software Vendor (Independent Software Vendor)

has its own ideas and its own roadmap for its releases in the further development of its technology base. There may even be two levels, as in the case of PHP + Framework.

A classic integrator

who uses this technology(s) exclusively to create and further develop the customer project, has over the years experienced increasing difficulties in preventing the two points of view from drifting apart. They have little or no say in technology development, but still have to try to meet all their customers' individual requirements.

And how do we work?

From the beginning to the future, we have decided to deliver basic software technology and project from a single source.

We are Independent Software Vendor & Integrator!

This step was enormously costly, but turned out to be a gigantic advantage for all involved.


We developed the basic technology (Java-based application server, framework, basic functionalities) as well as the highly individual projects with the same people, agile, in close exchange, in cooperative agreement. This maximizes our overall efficiency and eliminates frictional losses (e.g. when "shipping around" known problems of the basic technology).
Because we have all levels of the game under control, we are much more flexible and able to act.

Impossible? There is no such thing!

Our continuous platform updates (software features) cover the development progress from all levels (basic technology to project). This ensures that our live systems are equally up-to-date and consistent at all levels.