Image Optimizer
Module for Sales Marketing Customer Journey

Do you need razor-sharp images with the smallest possible file sizes for optimum loading times, depending on the end device?

This distinction in terms of image size is particularly relevant for Google & Co, because oversized graphics cause long loading times on smartphones, for example. This is annoying for the user and a reason for Google to rank you lower.


Whether mobile device, tablet or desktop computer, your customers enjoy a holistic shopping experience on one and the same platform, because your design is "Full Responsive". This ensures optimal performance and an appealing image display, regardless of which device your customer uses to contact you.


Examples for different image formats

  • Small thumbnails in Auto Suggest
  • Thumbnails in the hit lists
  • Pictures on product pages
  • Zoom images for detail lovers
  • Images for PDFs, for example for offers
  • Images for Catalog PDFs
  • Pictures for price list PDFs à la Excel-Design
  • ...



The CMS system scales and optimizes the image material when uploading to the BACKEND in different sizes, S, M, L & XL. You simply upload the images in the largest possible format, and Image Optimizer does the rest for you in the background.

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