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Do you know it?

First you edit a document or article in BACKEND. Then you must first save it and switch back to FRONTEND to see whether the page is designed as you imagined it to be. Quite time-consuming and annoying on top of that.

That's enough!

Design your documents and contributions directly in the FRONTEND.

Until you like the design and you

make it visible to everyone with a single click


  • Role
    • WYSIWYG-Editor

  • Tool 
    • As an editor, click your way through all pages and edit articles and documents. These are saved within the session and are only visible to you. If you then decide that it should be visible for all, save and all changes are live
    • Saving in the session makes editing extremely fast
    • What You See Is What You Get Principle


  • Wizard
    • User: Assignment of the FRONTEND Role WYSIWYG Editor
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