A new challenge

Products and many services are now so interchangeable that, in practice, it is often the price that decides whether a contract is awarded or not. But offering at the lowest price is not a winning strategy in the long run - at least not for the majority of suppliers. There is a promising strategic way out: In order to gain substantial new customers - and also to optimize the loyalty of existing customers - a broad field of activity is opening up in the area of digital services to differentiate from competitors.

In the 21st century, it is primarily digitization competence that determines the competitiveness of companies!

All the more astonishing a widespread attitude, which can be summarized in such a way:

Why digitize?

I can see that my competitors are no further either!


What is visible on the Internet is only the FRONTEND, the tip of the iceberg. In addition, B2B portals are usually closed off and therefore not accessible without login and password. This means that the type, scope and level of automation and processes running in FRONTEND or in the background - so-called BACKEND - cannot be assessed. B2B APPs are also located in a protected area, so that you are not aware of the progress of your competitors in digitisation.


And this is how markets are distributed, quietly and quietly. Without you noticing it. And if ... then it is often too late.


Where companies used to dominate the market and customers put products in front of their noses, digitalisation has turned the tide in a disruptive way: The digital natives, who are increasingly pushing their way into business life, are almost all online and expect ...

Me, everything and now!

If you don't adjust to this, you lose the connection - and these customers.

We are of the opinion that in the long term, customers can be bound not by digital presence, but by digital processes.

We have been developing complex IT solutions for this purpose for 23 years.

Then I'll just buy a finished standard product.

It does, doesn't it?

All you acquire with it is one product - and thus one isolated solution.

It often looks good, but stands on its own, because the standard product is hardly able to integrate into your process and system landscape. As shown at the beginning, a key success factor is the ability to adapt flexibly to the requirements of your customers. For your company to be able to do this - for example in the areas of interfaces, process control and scalability - you need a solution that grows with your requirements.


Some examples ...


You maintain all customer bases in your ERP system

Customers, customer employees, invoice and delivery addresses, authorizations, payment terms, delivery options, prices & conditions etc. must somehow be linked to a new platform, and not only that: When customers change their data online, they must be automatically mirrored back into the ERP system.


What about catalogues, product groups and article data?

Ideally, you already have this data in a structured form, very probably distributed across ERP, PIM and possibly other systems. Before the catalog data can be used online, various consolidation steps usually have to be carried out. In particular, customer-specific prices, discounts, delivery times and availability must be dynamically supplemented. Without this real-time information, hardly any B2B customer will order from you.


What about orders, delivery notes and invoices?

Would you like to transfer them manually, by e-mail or even fully automatically?

Customers rightly expect that they enjoy at least the same level of service online as when they call your sales office.

This means for your digitization efforts:

Automation and process control across system boundaries are indispensable.

And that's exactly where we've been professionals for 23 years.

Okay, got it.

Then I'll do it myself -
is not a Rocket Science!

You can do that - with a lot of time to cope with the learning curve. By the way, this is a euphemism for "making every mistake yourself that others have already eradicated".
In the end, you lose time, money and market share.

Without comparable experience, you cannot know which designs, processes or structures are popular on the market, where and how well.

We do because we have experience from many very different projects and industries that has been validated and expanded daily in practice.


And who takes responsibility?

We are software manufacturer & integrator in one, and therefore assume overall responsibility. And we have been doing so successfully for 23 years.


If you support your digitization projects with our know-how, that means

Fast results and progress, avoidance of mistakes - and more time for your core business!