Dr. Eberhard & Bernd Gröner

Managing Directors - Karl Gröner GmbH

"Without our B2B e-Business platform, wholesaling in our industry would be virtually impossible today: independent, flexible adaptation of product ranges, an extremely high-performance price and availability check on the basis of individual customer conditions, and last but not least, all-encompassing product information Thanks to the platform's high level of acceptance, after more than 16 years of live operation, we believe that IconParc has found the right partner in the jungle of e-Business providers and developers. "

Christian Stein

Head of IT - Schweitzer Fachinformationen

"The joint journey of Schweitzer Fachinformationen and IconParc began in 1999. I was there from the very beginning, and when I look back, I was as convinced as I am today that with IconParc we have chosen the right e-procurement service provider. In practice, IconParc has repeatedly demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment, flexibility and professional competence. In combination with the lived responsibility, the personal communication without detours and a "There's no such thing as impossible" mentality, I would always opt for IconParc again".

Felix Doerr

Managing Director - Europa Möbel-Verbund GmbH & Co. KG

"IconParc has helped us with the conception of our e-Business strategy. Through the intensive cooperation, important questions were comprehensively clarified in the concept phase. The subsequent implementation was therefore economically viable."

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