Catalog & PIM
Module for Base Sales Marketing Customer Journey

In order to sell successfully on the Internet, attractiveness, clarity and correctness of the product data are just as important as with printed catalogues.

In contrast to the print sector, which sometimes has long catalogue runtimes, Internet customers expect product information and price quotations to always be up to date online. The provision of catalogue content as part of a website is usually associated with numerous additional challenges. Catalogue content is rarely available in a complete and structured form and cannot therefore be used directly for the Internet without additional preparation. In practice, a versatile and flexible tool is needed to provide high-quality product data for online catalogues: The Catalog & PIM module ensures that catalog content can be easily composed from various data sources. For example, basic article master data, performance characteristics and descriptions as well as price lists and illustrations can be imported step by step via different interfaces. The completely browser-based BACKEND offers all possibilities to subsequently edit, enrich or refine imported data. The image data is automatically optimized for web conformity, whether during import or direct maintenance. Product master data, descriptive features, price information, product group structures and much more can be conveniently and efficiently entered and edited. Use the easy-to-use import and administration options to ensure that your catalogue content is always up to date.


Performance characteristics

  • Management of any number of catalogues and price lists including graduated prices
  • Flexible country and region model for price list application
  • Hierarchical merchandise category structure with any number of levels
  • Support of any further classification systems
  • Administration of any number of manufacturers
  • Additional elements configurable for each catalog, such as
    • Illustrations, descriptive texts, document attachments, PDFs and much more.
  • Support of product variants such as colours, sizes, etc.
  • Management of any feature groups and bars incl. product comparison view
  • Individual access rights for persons and groups




  • Catalogue manager


  • Ratalogue orders


  • Product groups
  • Products
  • Manufacturer

Dialogue Assistants

  • Catalogues
  • Product groups
  • Classifications
  • Products
  • Characteristic bars (also for filters)
  • Manufacturer
  • Catalog exports
  • Media Center for graphics, photos, videos, documents
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