Some case studies about digital transformation in the B2B segment

GUNZ Warenhandels GmbH

International B2B E-Business platform for food wholesalers in 100 countries


Multi-client B2C & B2B E-Business platform with 160 webshops

ratioform Verpackungen

International B2B E-Business & E-Procurement platform in five countries

PUMA B2B E-Business

Introduction of an international B2B e-business platform in 40 countries with different ERPs

Schweitzer Approval Plan

Offer customers individual recommendations from 13,000 new articles every day.

PUMA Flyergenerator

Create PUMA dealer configuration of Teamsport flyers at the push of a button


Specialized trade for advertising technology - B2B E & E-Business platform with 60,000 articles

Schweitzer PIM

Keep 40 million articles in the PIM up-to-date from 500 sources.

GUNZ Print Publisher

Create B2B catalogues and price lists automatically for 100 countries.

EURONICS B2X Multi-Store

Multi-client B2C & B2B E-Business Platform with 1,200 WebShops


International B2B Sales APP in 100 countries

Power-Trader B2X Multi-Store

Design-konfigurierbare B2C E-Business-Multimandanten-Plattform

Cobra E-Business B2B

International B2B E-Business Platform for Golf Equipment in 40 Countries

PrintPublishing for Gröner

Individual catalogues of 1,700 styles and over 100,000 articles

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