The challenge

In the food trade, products and their prices change constantly, which is why printed catalogues and price lists are often not up to date. Personalised price lists would also be desirable, especially for individual customers, but cannot be implemented economically in the conventional way due to the high costs involved.

The food wholesaler GUNZ did not want to be satisfied with this and looked for a way,

to generate catalogs and price lists quickly and personalizable as printable CMYK and PDF documents. Numerous content or design variants (assortment selection, price model, visual design, barcodes, ...) should be practicable for sales.

The result

the digital transformation

According to the wishes of Gunz we developed attractive optical variants of the catalogue design (layouts with different placements of texts and illustrations) as well as content (e.g. language selection, price categories, large/small pictures, with/without barcodes, with/without UVPs, article characteristics, parts lists ...). 


With the help of the Print Publisher solution from IconParc, any selection of products can be combined with a combination of layout, look&feel and desired content - and output within seconds as a printable PDF file or within a few minutes as an Indesign document in the CMYK colour model. Thus, for example, customer-specific personalized price lists can be created in the Gunz Webshop at the touch of a button and made available for download.

The effect

Both customers and GUNZ sales are enthusiastic about the new tool, the benefits of which have been convincing right from the start. Already in its first year of operation, GUNZ created

3,500 multilingual customer price lists

Further expansion stages of the PrintPublisher have been continuously developed since then...


Convince yourself!

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