The challenge

In the seasonal trade with sport articles styles and also their prices change constantly, therefore current catalogs and price lists are often scarce commodity. After the season is before the season. In addition, there is one aspect that is particularly important in the team sports business: complete outfits are sold to sports clubs, which is an important pillar for many PUMA retailers. However, this business segment, which is also attractive from the manufacturer's point of view, has a catch: Since the clothing items required by each team member are chosen uniformly and therefore matching each other, all manufacturers are very interested in retailers giving them preference over other manufacturers - in principle a "winner takes all" situation.


PUMA has come up with something special and has planned to offer its dealers an online configurator that allows them easily to create

individually designed, printable advertising flyers in PDF format

The result

of the digital transformation

In keeping with PUMA's corporate identity, we developed attractive visual variants for the design of flyers (layouts, text flow, background images, ...) as well as for the content, such as the type and scope of the article descriptions, consideration of special prices, etc.

All you need to use the Flyer Generator is a web browser and a dealer account within the PUMA B2B platform. Using Drag&Drop, the PUMA dealer selects from the current seasonal goods which outfits he would like to offer to the respective club - for example consisting of tracksuits, track shirts and shorts as well as suitable shoes. In addition, the retailer only needs a logo of the respective sports club, which he uploads to the Flyer Generator. The club's logo is then automatically positioned and visualized in the appropriate place on the clothing images. With just a few simple steps, a highly personalised advertising flyer is created, which helps PUMA dealers to convince club customers.

The PUMA flyer generator was realized on the basis of the IconParc PrintPublisher solution. Within seconds, the configured advertising flyers can be output as printable PDF files and made available to club customers.

The effect

In order to create an attractive advertising flyer, PUMA dealers do not need to search for product images, look up prices, have no knowledge of layout design, etc., because all elements of a flyer are already centrally stored and can be used in the simplest way. This means that the important

uniformity in brand management and pricing

is guaranteed.

Both the sales department and the PUMA dealers are enthusiastic about the new tool, with which they can work even more effectively.

See for yourself!

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