The challenge

Although seasonally influenced, styles and their prices frequently change in the trade with textile articles during the course of the season. Therefore, current (print) catalogues and price lists are mostly in short supply. In addition, there is an aspect that is particularly important for textile finishers:


The core business of this clientele of retailers is to sell comprehensively finished outfits to companies and end customers. Gröner has come up with something special for textile finishers: A catalogue configurator, with which you can easily create

individually designed, printable catalogues in PDF format

The result

of the digital transformation

All you need to use the catalogue generator is a web browser and a customer account on the Gröner B2B platform. Using drag&drop, a registered retailer selects from the current range of textiles which categories and styles he would like to offer to one of his end customers - for example sweatshirts, T-shirts and caps. In addition, the retailer uploads his own cover sheet for the catalogue that is currently being created. The retailer now determines the percentage surcharge on his purchase prices for the articles included in the catalogue.


Also a hit list, which can be filtered e.g. according to Category (e.g. "T-Shirts"), Brand, Grammage, Colour can be derived as a catalogue, for example for end customers of the retailer who already want to receive a specific offer. It couldn't be faster!


My Catalog was realized on the basis of the IconParc PrintPublisher solution. Within seconds, the configured catalogs can be output as web or printable PDF files and made available to a specific customer or any number of customers of a Gröner purchasing retailer.

A catalogue with over 100,000 articles on 440 pages is generated in just two and a half minutes.

The effect

In order to create an attractive advertising catalogue, Gröner resellers do not need to search for product images, look up prices, have no knowledge of layout design, etc., because all elements of the catalogue are already centrally stored and can be used in the simplest possible way. This also makes the design of the goods shown in the catalogue important for manufacturers.

Uniformity of brand management


Both the Gröner sales department and the textile finishers buying from the Ulm-based company are enthusiastic about the new tool, with which they can work even more effectively.

See for yourself!

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