Product vs. Solution in B2B

For us and our customers, digitization is not an end in itself, but a powerful tool for marketing and sales - with measurable results such as sales. Digitisation using a software product is a tactical approach. Digitisation by means of a solution, on the other hand, allows many tactical measures to be interlinked with an overarching strategy. Solutions from IconParc stand for a comprehensively integrated approach with a strategic character. All derived measures flow into the performance characteristics of the respective solution at the operational level - and thus contribute to its success.


We develop solutions to complex problems. Such interdisciplinary projects can only be realized in a team or with a combination of extraordinary talents. IconParc brings together the talents and experience of more than 20 software developers, most of whom have been with us for more than 10 years - some for more than 15 years.

According to Wikipedia, constitutive features of solutions are considered to be

  • Combination: A customer solution consists of several different and related services and products, or services and services. This combination gives a solution a high degree of problem-solving potential, i.e. it can solve a complex customer problem. A single product or service is not a solution because these isolated services cannot solve a complex problem.

  • Integration: In a solution, the products and services are coordinated so that they are technically and functionally combined to form a whole. This is called internal operational integration. In addition, a solution is geared to the circumstances and requirements of the customer company. This circumstance is called external integration.

  • Individualization: A solution is adapted to the requirements of an individual customer. Individualization primarily concerns the creation, selection and composition of the service components, but also, for example, price fixing.
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