Foundation in Mäder, Austria

142 Mio. €

Turnover in 2018

100 countries

are supplied


Products in the portfolio

25 brands

internationally renowned

180 employees

Since 2014

Customer of IconParc

GUNZ Warenhandels GmbH

Company profile

Gunz Warenhandels GmbH was founded in 1986 and is a family-run company. Its headquarters are located in Mäder, in the west of Austria.

The focus of its business activities lies in the development and distribution of its international private label range in the food sector. Currently its portfolio comprises 25 internationally registered Gunz brands.

With more than 1,200 attractive articles, it is represented in the segments confectionery, bakery products, chocolates, snacks, foodstuffs, beverages, country ranges, licensed articles and seasonal ranges.

Simone Gunz

Managing director

  • High-performance and high-availability solution

  • Customer-specific price determination in real time

  • Support of any number of countries, even with different currencies

  • Reduction of the error rate in comparison to "manual" order entry via telephone / fax

  • Online provision of comprehensive article information

  • Seamless integration of catalogue, webshop and editorial content (CMS); by eliminating media breaks, a significantly better conversion rate for purchases is aimed for - and in practice also achieved

  • Online order history for transparency and simplest repeat orders

  • Relief for GUNZ customer service; capacity freed up can be used for additional services

  • Accelerates order entry for buyers by eliminating waiting times

  • Order entry with 24x7 availability

  • Significant reduction of the error rate, because transmission errors are eliminated - unlike when manually recording the order items of incoming faxes or during a telephone call with the customer.

  • Continuous avoidance of media disruptions, in particular through connections to merchandise management and CRM systems

  • Automatic creation of printable CMYK print catalogs

  • Price list generation in PDF format with customer-specific assortment and also specific prices in the respective language and currency

Functional highlights

Our services

Strategy and digital consulting

We brought management and sales together at one table. In several workshops we worked out a promising strategy together. The result was a 50-page requirement specification. This was followed by a design study ...

Design study

We presented various design drafts to the managing directors. These were first created in Photoshop and later implemented as HTML/CSS/JS prototypes, which were tested and iteratively refined.

Software & Customization

We have been continuously developing the IconParc B2B E-Commerce Suite for 22 years. Always up to date with the latest technologies. This is the basis for the realization of all our solutions.


The implementation with all interfaces took place within 8 months. After a two-month test phase in the staging environment, productive operation commenced in mid-2015.

 Since then, enhancements and optimizations have been implemented on an ongoing basis. To be continued...

Maintenance & Updates

Every month, more than 500 software changes are migrated to the live system. Preliminary tests - also by the customer - are carried out on a staging environment. Only after successful testing and approval is the changes transferred to the live environment.

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